I suppose your wondering who is behind The Kiwi Chronicles, so let me introduce myself!

I’m Sarah, and I am originally from New Zealand and now working and living in London.    A few years ago I embarked on my first big trip to Europe and fell in love with travelling. This sparked many more adventures including trips to Thailand, Australia and Singapore. I think it also planted the seed to get out of my comfort zone and leave the little place called home and move across to the other side of the world.

Before moving to London I was an early childhood teacher doing the 9-5 grind and as time went on I felt like I needed to embark on a new journey. So I brought a one way ticket, gave away my worldly possessions, packed a suitcase and moved to London! What an adventure it has been. Moving here has given me the opportunity to explore new places throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond, as well as meeting some fantastic people along the way.


5 Facts About Me

  1. I am from Wellington, New Zealand! Did you know that Wellington was voted the best city in the world to live in this year?
  2. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education
  3. Im currently working as a nanny in London
  4. I have been to 20 countries over the past three years
  5. I am really interested in art, history, dance, and above all exploring what this world has to offer!

So maybe you have a question? Maybe you want to know more about my blog? Or maybe you would like to give me some feedback? Please feel free to contact me via: Email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumbler

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Sarah x

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