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Climb Onboard The Milk Train!

Ever wondered what ice-cream and candy floss taste like together? To be honest, I never wondered what it would be like until I came across the Milk Train Cafe, located in Covent Garden, London. This quirky little dessert cafe offer’s a range of soft serve ice-cream as either a traditional ‘sundae’, or as a soft serve cone with a candy floss twist.

My girly side decided to come out as I opted for the ‘unicorn’ cone, vanilla soft serve with colourful sprinkles, and candy puffs with a cloud of candy floss YUMMY. I don’t think I have had so much sugar all in one hit in my life, but every mouthful was worth it!


There are a range of flavours to choose from, and you can either go for a set-menu ice-cream, or take your pick of a variety of different toppings to create your own masterpiece. But I am sorry to say guys, if you are vegan or dairy free, unfortunately they don’t offer any alternative ice-cream for you to try. Also another tip that I will mention is get there early! I was at the shop as soon as it opened on a Sunday afternoon, I waited all of ten minutes. However as soon as I stepped out a line was forming and some people were waiting up to an hour to be served. As you can tell its a popular wee destination that shouldn’t be missed.

Located:Β 44 Bedford Street, London WC2E

OPENING TIMES:Β Monday- closed, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 1pm-9pm, Friday/Saturday: 1pm-10pm, Sunday: 1pm-8pm