Monthly Updates

June Monthly Update

89 hours, is roughly the amount of time I spent in airports or on planes this month! Yes you read right- 49 hours spent in the air flying high, and 40 hours in airports waiting and  catching connecting flights. I swear I have never spent that much time in airports and on planes in my life! But it was all worth it as I got to see some amazing sights and places and most importantly my family and friends back home.

My first stop was Saint Tropez, located in the South of France. A multimillionaires playground, with its designer shops, million dollar homes, super yachts, and amazing cafes and restaurants. I had never planned on visiting Saint Tropez until the family I work for invited me on a week long trip, and honestly who is going to turn down a free trip to a place like this? I surly wasn’t! I was fortunate enough to stay in the most beautiful vila, located on the hills of Saint Tropez, over looking the harbour. It was a house that most of us can only dream about staying in and I can’t believe I was so lucky to get the opportunity to live that lifestyle for a week.


A lot of my time was spent working, however I did get the odd morning or afternoon to explore everything Saint Tropez had to offer. If your looking for a shoppers paradise then I definitely recommend coming here. With high end shops such as Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, and Loui Vuitton, to name a few, there are endless options. However if designer brands are not really your thing (or in your budget like me) there are an assortment of boutique stores selling beautiful clothing and accessories, or you can spend time getting your shopping fix at the local market. I have to say the local market is defiantly worth going to. There are endless stalls selling local food, clothing, accessories and homeware. I could of spent a fortune, but I managed to refrain myself (sort of).

I also spent a lot of time wondering around the port of Saint Tropez, the super yachts are absolutely amazing, I have never seen anything like it in my life! While I was around the port I decided to take a boat trip, touring around the harbour. It was great seeing the surrounding area by boat. Most of the boat trips that you can take, will take you around the bays of Saint Tropez, going into great detail about the history of the city, as well as showing you all the houses where the rich and famous stay, as well as giving you a great view of the city from the sea.


After a whirl wind week in Saint Tropez I headed back to London, literally to re-pack my bags and head back to the airport to start my journey home to New Zealand. Being excited was an understatement! I had been planning my trip back home since the beginning of the year, and instead of telling everyone my travel plans, I decided to keep it a secret and surprise my family and friends. Keeping it quiet for five months was hard, I can’t believe I didn’t give it away for so long! After over 30 hours at airports and in the air I landed in Wellington, New Zealand. Thank god my flights weren’t delayed as I had planned a dinner to surprise my parents and brother. I will never forget the look of shock on their faces when I walked into the room, it’s safe to say the surprise worked!

I spent the next two weeks visiting family and friends, and of course exploring different areas of Wellington. I was lucky enough to get beautiful weather while I was there so I could enjoy the Botanical Gardens, Queens Wharf, Kapati, and the Wairarapa. Pity it was so cold, but I can’t complain!

Check out my blog on the Top 5 Things To Do In Wellington, to see what else I got up to! It’s safe to say June was a hectic yet thoroughly exciting month. Im actually a little bit glad that I don’t have much planned for the month of July!